It is getting absurd.

All I can say that certain thing is getting absurd  and the absurdity has taken on  a new level today.  Why? Contradictions in the loads of statements given.  For example, , documents are not meant to be read deeply. I go like “huh”. Then, why strong words like “comply” and “must” appear in the document?

If I chose to be very aggressive, I would focus on one of the smokey statement and would not let go. But , I choose not to. I do not want to stoop to that level. No point saying more as the other other party is obviously not listening. I have said my piece and I stand by what I said.

I know that I am stepping toes by making my opinion known in an open meeting like that. I need to do it because if I do not speak up, I would be part of the problem too. I am glad that I have done it and hope more will speak up and ask questions.

All these are  definitely making me very angry and make me all the more to fight back against the absurdity of things ! Idc if you are not feeling well

Why? Because I  need to stay true to my conscience.  I need to do what is necessary and right not not do things because I am told to follow to the dot. Period.

To hell with that absurdity.

PS: No one should ever say that I *short change* my students. I never did. And that absurd statement really pissed me off.

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