Gap, Gaps and more Gaps!

As I reflect on what happens in the first two weeks of the school, I realize that I am more aware of students’ responses and try to build on them. I am trying to address the students’ gaps  based on their responses. Here are the responses that I have received so far and how that influence my next step :

(1) Students’ not too good at mathematics fluency as articulated in the previous blog post [Link]

(2) Students’ alternative concept with 3+y and 3y (From the Nearpod)

(3) Not able to recall the photosythesis (Through journal entries in biology textbook and MCQ in Activity book)

(4) Not able to use “electrifying” terms (Through journal entries in biology). Observations from the journal entry:

– Just simply using conductors and insulators. Do not talk about the current flow in the description.

– Talk about the topic generally, without applying to the context.

One of the kneejack reaction to all this is to teach more!! Just tell the students and you expect them to remember. I guess I am not going to do so much of that but rather design learning activities to get them the make their thinking visible.  These are the activities that I have planned for Week 3:

(1) Maths Journal Entry : Get them to articulate the “why”  in the “commonly wrong” fundamental maths problems. This include journal prompts like Which number is bigger : 1.6 or 1.09 ? Explain your answer

(2) The problem with 3x and 3+x . Will likely to get them to screen cast the working and get them to talk about it.

(3) Science Blogging : Getting them to write a letter describing what they have learned about electricity for the past two weeks. As a follow up activity, I will get them to peer critique the students’ posting withe the success criteria provided.

(4) Get the kids to create a mnemonic to remember the facts.


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