CCE Workshop Today

Today , I have a full day CCE workshop in school today. I would use their reflection framing to frame this post. Well, I must show that I have applied what I have learned

Looking back

Theme : Multiple Perspecctive

CSI: Clarify, Sensitise:, Influence (For values enculturation)

Strategies: Coloured chips, Strong Circle, Picture Cards, Dice Connected Circle, Hot Seat, Four Corners

Attachment Theory

Learn from it

I guess this workshop made me more cognizant on why I am doing. For example, when I am talking to the student about some behaviour issues, I usually let them relate the incident and get them to think what they have done wrong. I get them to think from the others’ perspectives. and not just theirs alone.

Do it better

Will try to use some of the strategies during FTGP. I confess I seldom use that during FTGP lessons.

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