Merging of JCs

Warning : This is straightly my opinion and thoughts about merger. It could be biased as I am writing this post based on my limited observation and understanding. This is an opinion piece and not a factual piece.

The Singapore Education fraternity must be in the state of shock with the merger of 8 Junior colleges. For me, I am petty taken aback as my alumni, AJC, is one of the chosen ones. On what basis is AJC chosen ? I wish that there is more clarity from MOE the why AJC is the chosen one as there are a few unanswered questions lingering in my little grey cells:

(1) There are other JCs in the North (like SAJC, CJC and NYJC). Why AJC ? Is it because we are just a truly neighborhood junior college and with no strong backer?

(2) There is a new you-know-what JC coming up in Marymount area (i.e., North). So, why is there a new JC (with IP program) when the two JCs in the north are being merged? Again, is it because of the “neighborhoodness” of AJC that make us not able to offer IP program ?




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