3 weeks has gone for my P6 Maths Class

Well, it has been 3 weeks since Term 3 has started. So, what have I done so far for my beloved rascals of my maths class?

A mixture of teaching new content and revising basics. Since the school has subscribed to Koobits, I have used that extensively for my students to practice the basic questions. I am reasonably pleased that my students seems motivated to these questions even I have given them 20 or 30 questions.  I will continue doing that for their revision for the basics. Progressively, I will get them to slightly more demanding questions (e.g, questions that requires formula like volume, speed etc).

As for learning of new content, I am getting the kids to articulate their mathematical reasoning for the speed word problems. In the beginning, they seem to be “anyhowly” just putting the numbers without thinking. Again, I need to remind them to read the questions and apply the DST-triangle accordingly. This seems to be their Achilles’ heels . They are not thinking about their problem and simply adopt “just-whack” number mentality.

With the completion of the content,  I will now focus on the cluster of problems in preparation of their upcoming Prelim. This is just another more diplomatic way of describing “spotting questions”.

(1)Simple Ratio questions

(2) Simple word problems involving fraction of the set and fraction as a whole

(3) Geometry

(4) Area/Volume problems (I realize that the students are not remembering the formula for circles)


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