Kahooting Week!

I finally manage to clear the syllabus for Mathematics and can now start on the revision. For this week, I decide to use Kahoot to gamify my Mathematics lessons. In the Kahoot Quiz, the questions are typically the 1-marks questions found in Paper 1.  I give a timing for each question (ranging for 30s to 90s). This will help them to train for speed and accuracy.

What are my students’ responses? They practically love it and ask for more.  But, I need also need to remind them this is for learning and they cannot “anyhowly”  key in answers.  I like the instant feedback on the responses so that I can address their learning gap.

What is important for me to do now is to analyse their responses and try to come up withe more questions to address their learning gap.  I am giving myself a challenge for the use of kahoot quiz. It is not just enough to see my students engage. I need to make use of the data to move my students forward.


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