Kahoot ! Yes again

It has been another “kahooty” week for me!


Being encouraged by my students’ enthusiastic response, I am more than willing to spend sometime every night to design questions for them. These questions are definitely not “anyhowly” but questions need to cover their learning gap (for example, I repeated the questions that they did wrongly for their practice paper 1).  For this week, I feel a sense of pride when the whole class can get one or two questions all correct. I know some of you might feel that no big deal for that is just a simple question. But, for my class, there is no such thing as simple question. I need to stay positive if I were to keep myself sane! And even more, when they feel “upset” with me as I key in the answers wrongly. Glad that they are thinking and not just simply “anyhowly” clicking.


For this week, I use Kahoot for the first time for my Science class in a slightly different manner.  I actually get them to submit their answers to some of the question in the practice paper. I carefully chose the questions so that they can do it within 2 minutes. Their response? Simply awesome! At least, I can see the sense of urgency and really focusing on the questions. If I simply just ask them to do the practice paper, I do not see the intense and fast thinking. Rather, they would “look here” and “look there” and apparently not focused on the work.

Just as a simple tweak to their learning experience with the use of Kahoot change their behaviour almost completely.  They are seriously deep in thought and can see some of them having intense conversation with their peers over the answers. When the answer is revealed, I get some of them share their reasoning.  It is good to hear that they are actively using elimination method to help them in their MCQ.  This helps them in getting the answer in the shortest time. I emphasize that it is not necessary to know everything in the question. The students tend to spend time on things they do not know.  Sometimes, with the use of elimination by focusing on what they know, they can get the correct option. This is something I will need to reiterate again next week.  It is an important exam technique that they must have.

With the use of practice paper,  my students are “complaining” the waste of time as they need to search for the questions. I choose the questions  based on “doability for my students” and they are not in an order. For the next round, I will “preempt” them with the questions first by giving them the question order.

Another way in which I use Kahoot for my class is to get them to recall the scientific concepts. I am quite taken about that they have forgotten about their properties of matter (Solid, liquid and gas).  The whole class simply cannot answer this question : “Which of the following cannot be compressed?” They absolutely have no idea that I am asking for gas. This is something that I need to work on next week.




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