A frustrating week ending on a high note

This has indeed been a frustrating week for me . But, it ends on a high note. Why?

All because of the little things my little rascals have done:

(1) I , jokingly, tell them to hand up their files or else HOD will scold me for not teaching them. Guess what they say. They ask me to tell the HOD to see their results and see how they have improved. That is their indirect way of saying that they are attributing their improvement to me. Achievement unlocked !

(2) One girl even made this point in class, saying things like “Ms Lye, thank for helping me to improve”

(3) To receive notes of appreciation from them. Glad that one of them actually do notice that how I have not given up on them despite all of them failing their maths exam. And yes, to see one of the rascal, which I scold almost everyday, thanking me.

Yes, this has been a frustrating week for me and it it *definitely* not due to my little rascals. But thanks to my rascals, I am one happy teacher !

Yes, I love teaching and I love my students. period. This is not going to change and this is something to keep me going in this profession.  If I need to tell the hard truths, for the sake of my students, I will just DO IT!


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