I am sick and tired of ….

People who keeps on pushing the job to others. Period.

PS: I met with an incident today that totally pisses me off. Although it is not under my preview (which that certain someone/someones think it is) , I take the initiative to resolve the issue. It is just a simple case of opening a certain room but that certain someone/someones choose not to entertain.  We have absolutely no idea which room is that and have to go around looking for it.

Why do I help out with this? Because I believe in working for the school and not for the department.

Why can’t people have more sense and more initiative in their work?

This is really getting frustrating as the days go by. Perhaps , it is time for me to have the “push the job to others” mentality. But, this is going to be a tall order as I know that I am just too over responsible for that!


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