I think I am stressed

Term 4 is always stressful for me. I think I have to admit myself that I am stressed. Best to have self-awareness and know how to deal with the stress. This is better than brush it off and insist that I am “cool”.   What are the symptoms?

(1) Wake early during weekend

(2) Having dreams about work-related stuff.

I better find inner peace with myself so that I can handle this stressful Term 4.

What are the things I am going to do to reduce stress level?

(1) Have regular walks during week days

(2) Need to give “me-time” (e.g., weekend morning)  so that I can do nothing, think nothing and just focus on the present.

(3) Constant blogging to vent my frustrations or thoughts. I do find writing very therapeutic as it helps me to clarify my thoughts and make me question my assumptions.

PS: I know that I have the capacity and ability to deal with the stress.  Come on, I am who I am , the 打不死的小强!Stress only brings out the “survival instinct” in me and I know I am going to survive!


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