I finished my 21st km !

I went for the GE Women’s 21 KM run today. It took me 4 hours to complete the run  and at some points, it was even raining.

I am glad that I went and completed the 21km run. Why? As this is just more than run. It allows me to show my determination to complete something if I choose to. This will encourage me to go forward and do things in the face of difficulities.

If I can complete 21 km in 4 hours (I know it is slow), I can do anything. I need to have ‘positive’ thoughts to push me through as there is 101 things on my plate now. At times, I really feel overwhelmed.  Come on, I can do it. Becasue I am 打不死的小强.  I am ever-ready ever onward Andersonian!

Go! Go ! Go!

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