I have been a teacher for close to 15 years but I guess I am still a very BT at heart. What do I mean by that?

I am always very emotionally attached to my students and cannot maintain a distance away from them.

Is that good or bad? I do not really know. I know that if my students do not do well for national exam, I have a tendency to blame myself and would be affected by it.

Well, it is perhaps this #overlyattachedtomystudents keep the passion for the teachers going.

PS: Actually, I am quite affected by the release of the PSLE results yesteday and I am trying my best to “run” away from my innate feeling . By trying not to think about it and burying myself in my thesis revision. When I am alone,  I start thinking what I have not done enough for my student. If I have done more, will the results be different? Is it because of my incompetency ? Indeed, there are many self-blaming questions circulating in my mind . If only I have ….

I will get by  this. Just give me the weekend to get emo and I will be back to my normal self. For I know I have done what I can for my student.

Just gimme time …

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