Lean In By Sheryl Sandberg

Chpt 6 : Seek and Speak your Truth

  • I totally agree that there is no such thing as absolute truth. It is only my truth (point of view) and your truth (your point of view). So, with this framing, we can be more emphatic and be more mindful  when communicating with other.
  • We always say that we are open to feedback but do our actions really reflect that? That is the question that I need to constantly interrogate myself.

I always have a tendency to be defensive and try to respond to the critic when someone make a comment on my department.  I really need to step back and listen and stop myself from reacting. That is something I need to constantly remind myself. Some feedback might not be useful and just those typical complaints but I need to learn not to respond first and jump to conclusion. Hear the feedback , detach myself from the feedback (it is about the program and not me), and see if the feedback is valid.  If I do not show that I am willing to listen, how can I expect feedback?  Something for me to work on in 2018

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