360-Degree Leader

Currently, I am also reading the 360° Leader by John Maxwell.  It is easy to read as most of the principles are ‘common-sense’. It is all about making the implicit explicit and making one more aware of the way we are doing certain things.

Okay, I admit , I am skeptical as I read the book and I go like “liddat can also write book’.  On reflection, I guess that is because I am actually demonstrating the principles almost all the time.  I am not being egoistic here but I am just being truthful. 🙂

For example, I lead up by becoming a go-to player and be prepared every time you take the leader’ time (I seldom go to my boss’s office without any possible resolution).  I lead across by being avoiding politics and put completing follow leaders ahead of them. I lead down by modelling the behaviour I desire.

Being a humble me, I still have my AFI. Here are things that I need to work on :

(1) Expand your circle of acquaintances

I am basically quite anti-social and do not really like to make small talk and make new friends. Perhaps, I should consider doing this more  . But this is not so ‘me’.  Another way I can look at this is to get to know friends who know more friends. If I need help, I just need to go to them.


(2) Walk slowly through the Halls

I really need to slow down! I am quick and do things fast. Hence, I can be impatient at times when things are not done and I will do it myself. This is something I *must*  stop myself. I cannot use my standard to judge other people. I really need to slow down!



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