I have something to confess.  This book is long overdue. What do I mean by that? I actually bought this book  in the beginning of the year but I only manage to finish reading this book now.  A very though-provoking read as it makes me think how different the world has become. I start wondering to myself: Am I doing enough for the students to prepare them for what is in store with them? I feel that I really need to move faster and get my students to embrace the exciting world. Definitely not by drilling them for PSLE of course. It is more than that. 

The world is changing and if you are not moving (and prefer to remain status quo), you are falling behind. We are living in the era of asymmetry , complexity and uncertainty. It is exciting world we are living in. Let’s embrace it and not be afraid of it.

Here are the major themes that may guide us how we can survive this exciting times:

(1) Emergence over Authority – No more control and command, pls. And definitely no executive order. 

(2) Pull over Push

(3) Compass over Maps – No more guided instructions. Just do it with a compass guiding our ways. 

(4) Risk over safety

(5) Disobedience over Compliance

(6) Practice over theroy . It is practice-theory, thinking-doing.  2 sides of the same coin. We should not be separating them

(7) Diversity over ability – The wisdom of the crowd! 

(8) Resilience over strength

(9) Systems over object



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