11th IPSG and how to make SLS lessons more inquiry-based?


Grateful to be able to share with all junior college physics teachers during the 11th instructional programme support group #IPSG about #StudentLearningSpace. I covered how to construct a student-centered, pedagogically and technologically sound lesson with quizzes to encourage students to make the effort to strengthen the sense-making of the content knowledge covered. And of course the magic show of asking the audience to suggest what Simulation they wanted to be in their own SLS lesson. Just Google "radioactivity html5" or whatever you want to be followed by the word html5, and something from our Open Source Physics at Singapore digital library may appear the search list. https://iwant2study.org/taskmeister/index.php/interactive-resources/physics/06-quantum-physics/02-nuclear/316-decaychangenweethreestate

Click download model and upload to SLS as a media and it will work seamlessly.

Thanks to Charles Chew for the kind invitation to share about #SLS and Seng Kwang Tan for the photo.


photo by Seng Kwang, thank bro.


Just Google "radioactivity html5" or whatever you want to be followed by the word 'html5'


Click download model

upload to SLS as a media 

select the file, on the handphone use the file picker to select the ejss_model* file.

SLS will scan the files for a computer virus, which there is none inside and display the index.html file automatically in the zip.

magic! your own inquiry enabled virtual laboratory in SLS


end faq

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