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ETD_VirtualLabLearningAnalytics.ppt going #GoOpen i hope helps to guide us in our journey to achieve goals through the 4 approaches below.

Approach 1: Deeper ICT Integration in Curriculum, Assessment & Pedagogy
Approach 2: Sustained Professional Learning
Approach 3: Translational Research, Innovation & Scaling
Approach 4: Connected ICT Learning Ecosystem

Do you agree? Just look at all the data and evidences of the somewhat non-disclosed proposals, and come to your own conclusions whether #GoOpen promotes sharing and collaboration that ultimately supports education.

Dear Applicant

Title of Project: Virtual Lab Learning Analytics-Moodle extension

We are pleased to inform you that your project has been selected as an eduLab project.
The grant is awarded based on the premise that the aims and deliverables stated in your approved proposal will be fulfilled.
We will send you further instructions and a letter of offer with details of the approved grant* amount by Jan 2018. Meanwhile, there’s no immediate action required from you.
Thank you for championing innovations for learning with ICT! Enjoy your holidays and we wish you a great year ahead!
*Note: Your budget is being reviewed for compliance to the budgeting guidelines. As such, the approved grant for your edulab project may differ from your submitted proposal.











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