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1. Quick Introductions ( 3 min)
2. A word on sources for learning Geogebra (5 min)
3. Types of Geogebra resources ( 7 min)
4. Sharing & Hands On (2 x 35 min) 

a. Constructing a movable but rigid right angled triangle. 
B. Simulation of Die Throwing
c. Escape Room (Negative Numbers exercise)
d. Modifying and inserting virtual keyboards
e. Gamification by embedding Geogebra activity into Deck Toys
f. Members suggestions *
5. Discussion on possible collaborations (15 mins + 15 min break)
a. Specific lesson units with Geogebra interactive activities
b. Expanded templates for quizzes and other forms of 
c. Gamification combining Geogebra and Deck Toys
d. Exploratory based Geogebra activities with book
e. Self PD and setting up of Geogebra Institute of Singapore 
6. AOB

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