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- Atomic Bonding

- Chemistry

- Dipole

- Interaction Potential

- Molecules


Watch different types of molecules form a solid, liquid, or gas. Add or remove heat and watch the phase change. Change the temperature or volume of a container and see a pressure-temperature diagram respond in real time. Relate the interaction potential to the forces between molecules.

Sample Learning Goals

- Describe a molecular model for solids, liquids, and gases.

- Extend this model to phase changes.

- Describe how heating or cooling changes the behavior of the molecules.

- Describe how changing the volume can affect temperature, pressure, and state.

- Relate a pressure-temperature diagram to the behavior of molecules.

- Interpret graphs of interatomic potential.

- Describe how forces on atoms relate to the interaction potential.

- Describe the physical meaning of the parameters in the Lennard-Jones potential, and how this relates to the molecule behavior. 

For Teachers

need some CSI  worksheerts?

Software Requirements

Microsoft Windows
Sun Java 1.5.0_15 or later
OS 10.5 or later
Sun Java 1.5.0_19 or later
Sun Java 1.5.0_15 or later


Design TeamThird-party LibrariesThanks To
  • Wendy Adams
  • Paul Beale
  • John Blanco (developer)
  • Sarah McKagan
  • Kathy Perkins
  • Noah Podolefsky
  • Trish Loeblein
  • Piccolo


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