wRiteFormula is a mobile app game to help secondary school students learn ionic compound nomenclature in a fun and engaging manner.

Secondary school students often find nomenclature rules complicated, confusing and uninteresting, and are unmotivated to practice using these rules effectively and efficiently, thus hindering their progress in learning chemistry as they cannot communicate clearly. 

wRiteFormula is designed to introduce nomenclature rules gradually with different sets of compounds. Students receive immediate feedback for each mistakes, and teachers can analyse students' performance and facilitate discussions based on the information recorded in the accompanying content management system (CMS).


Sample Learning Goals




For Teachers

  • Customised content based on the Singapore GCE Ordinary and Normal(Academic) Chemistry and Science(Chemistry) syllabi
  • Gameplay modes targeting different skill sets
  • Instantaneous, customised feedback
  • Real-time information on students' performance (via CMS)
  • Enticing game features to motivate students
  • http://mydesk.opal.moe.edu.sg/cos/o.x?c=/ca4_mydesk/wiki&ptid=gs6455

Software Requirements

Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ixorastudios.writeformula&hl=en

iOS https://itunes.apple.com/br/app/write-formula/id934269976?l=en&mt=8









  1. Mr. Chee Hing Thong (TfL/ETD)
  2. Ms. Yiru Qiu (TfL/ETD)
  3. Ms. Chia Pei Xian (TfL/ETD)



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