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Fremont Teng; Loo Kang Wee

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Tug Of War Maths JavaScript Simulation Applet HTML 5 Tug of War is now available on your browser!


Step 1: Set Alpha and Beta End Numbers

This will set the end/victory number for the respective player to win.

(By Default: Alpha[1] and Beta[27])

(Example Set: Alpha[-20] and Beta[20])

Step 2: Choose Type of Roll

Toggling the type of roll will determine the numbers generated for each dice/coin.
Two-sided Coin: 1~2
Four-sided Dice: 1~4
Six-sided Dice: 1~6
Eight-sided Dice: 1~8
Ten-sided Dice: 1~10
Twelve-sided Dice: 1~12
Twenty-sided Dice: 1~20

Step 3: Roll to Begin!

Clicking on the roll buttons will lock any of the above settings that we have covered.
The results will be displayed at their respective areas.
Only options up to the Six-sided Dice will definitely display unicodes for dices.
Results will be shown on the bottom left hand side of the panel,
and watch as the cyan object slowly move to their intended destination.

Step 4: Roll until one player wins!


Toggle Full Screen

Click anywhere on the panel to toggle fullscreen.

Reset Button

Resets the Simulation.






Other Resources


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