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Fremont Teng; Wee Loo Kang

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

2 players turn based Primary Math addition game



Step 1: Set a target number

By setting the target number, the first player who reach this number
diagonally, vertically or horizontally in a row will win.
The target number can only range from 6 to 26

Step 2: Player 1 Starts

Player 1 will begin first by dragging the blue cards to the respective cell.
(Dragging 6 into the centre.)
(A pop up occurs)
Note that if Player 2 attempts to place their 6 during Player 1's Turn, a pop up will occur.
This will automatically send the card back to their initial spot.

Step 2: Player 2's Turn

And now it's Player 2 to move on after Player 1.
Note that if Player 1 tries to add a card during Player 2's Turn, the same pop up will occur.

Step 3: Continue playing until Target is reached

After Player 2's Turn, it will go back to Player 1,
and a loop will occur.
The game ends when one of the player reaches the target number first
either Horizontally, Vertically or Diagonally.

(Player 1 reaching target number 15)

Toggling Full Screen

Double clicking anywhere in the panel to toggle full screen.

Reset Button

Resets the simulation.






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