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Discovering Mathematics is adapted from the leading Singapore course to fully match the English Key Stage 3 National Curriculum. This ground-breaking series harnesses authentic mastery principles, including the well-known Singaporean Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach to embedding concepts. The Algebra Discs are a concrete manipulative resource, which relate directly to activities in the Discovering Mathematics Student Books. The discs help students at all ability levels and in all years of study to visualise and develop a deep understanding of using positive and negative integers, and of algebraic expressions and calculations. 

Each Class Set contains 20 Student Sets for sharing in class: 1600 discs in total. Each Student Set contains 80 double-sided positive/negative discs of five different colours: 20 discs of x/-x; 20 discs of y/-y; 20 discs of 1/-1; 10 discs of x2/-x2; 10 discs of y2/-y2.

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