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 Backspin Basketball Flies Off Dam by Veritasium


  Physics of toys- Cup Flyers // Homemade Science with Bruce Yeany by Bruce Yeany


Question 1: A student claims that when there is higher velocity between the motion of the ball and wind, there is a higher pressure zone created. True or false?

False. Higher velocity leads to lower pressure zone created.

Question 2: A softball pitcher wishes to ground the ball as fast as possible. Should the pitcher throw the ball with no spin, top spin or backspin?

Top spin. The ball will experience a downward force which causes the ball to reach the ground faster.

Question 3: When a backspin is applied to the ball, what is the trajectory of the ball? Explain your answer.

Upwards. A higher pressure zone is created below the ball whereas a lower pressure zone is created above the ball.

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