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Author name; Fu Kwun Hwang; loo kang WEE

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A bullet of mass m and speed v embeds in a block of mass M suspended by a string.
The block and bullet, of total mass m+M, then moves as a pendulum and the maximum height it reaches can easily be measured. This apparatus ca be used to measure the speed of the bullet. In this HTML5 applet, you can change the initial speed and find of the maximum height it reaches. 
Does it get higher with greater bullet speed? 
Answer: Yes, the conversion of KE energy predicts a higher height due to PE completely conversion from initial KE.  
What if the bullet pass through the box?
Answer: Then, there is a certain height of which it is always roughly the same.
The force between bullet and the box is assumed to be a fixed value in this simulation. 
Is this a good assumption?
My answer: Yes, it is essential for the determination of the whether the bullet is stuck on the block or pass through the block, i hardcoded it inside as  F0=1350 permanently instead of a variable of F0= b*vx*vx





  1. Original by Professor Fu-Kwun Hwang

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