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Ball Toss Video Model

The Ball Toss Video Model demonstrates how embed a video into a JavaScript EjsS model. The simulation superimposes the numerical solution of a ball computed by solving the a differential equation with a video of an actual ball toss. The user must adjust the initial conditions and the parameters so that both motions, the computed and the one displayed by the video, match.

This model requires EjsS version 5.1 or greater.

Ball Toss Video © Doug Brown



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cannot work on Internet Explorer 9 and below



Francisco Esquembre; Felix J. Garca-Clemente; lookang

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

This simulation illustrates the parabolic trajectory of a thrown ball. The goal of the simulation is to match the trajectory of the ball with the given trajectory in the video.

The variables that can be adjusted are as follows:

x₀: The initial x-position of the ball

y₀: The initial y-position of the ball

vx₀: The initial x-velocity of the ball

vy₀: The initial y-velocity of the ball

g: The gravitational acceleration






  1. improved version with joseph chua's inputs
  2. original simulation by lookang

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