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Fu-Kwun Hwang remixed by lookang; lookang; tina

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  1. coaster96weeICTlessonPlan(YipKimWah).pdf by AJC
  2. coaster96weeWorksheetB-CircularmotionJavaSimworksheet(students).pdf by AJC


The motion of a mass on track in a vertical circle follows Newton's 2nd Law applied to the circular motion context.

Conservation of energy is a consequence of motion that is universally applicable in this motion, for example as gravitational potential energy plus the kinetic energy at any point is always a constant value, provided no external force is present. 

This motion is broken up into several stages

hmode moving on is horizontal launch track

stage 0 moving in circular motion on the uptrack

stage 1 moving in circular motion on the circletrack

stage 2 moving in linear motion on the straight bottom track

stage 3 moving in free fall motion


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