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Work Done on a Block (Work-Energy Principle)

This simulation demonstrates the effect of forces acting on a block across a distance through three perspectives: kinematics, dynamics and energy changes.

In the simulation, the block is made to travel through three regions, A, B and C.

In region A: The block experiences an applied force to the right across a frictionless surface.

In region B: The block experiences no horizontal force as it slides to the right across a frictionless surface.

In region C: The block experiences friction only as it slides across a rough surface1.

1Note: friction is zero when the block is motionless and is not attempting to move from rest


Step 1: Adjust values

driving force: key desired value in input field

initial displacement: drag2 the box between - 1.0 m <x < - 0.4 m

mass (of block): key desired value in input field3

friction (in region C): key desired value in input field3

2Note: you are also allowed to drag the box for the range x > - 0.4 units, however, the conditions of regions B and C still apply

3Note: values of mass and friction are co-dependent, i.e. changing one value will affect the other

Step 2: Play/Step-play/Pause Simulation

Play: runs the simulation

Step-play: runs the simulation in steps with each click

Pause: pauses the simulation

Step 3: Data Analysis

Numerical display

Resultant force, friction, mass, kinetic energy, thermal energy, total energy, time

Graphical display

Motion graphs: displacement-time, velocity-time, acceleration-time

Energy graphs: kinetic energy-time, thermal energy-time, total energy, energy-time (layering of all three aforementioned graphs)

Work Done on a Block (Work-Energy Principle)


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