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MODERN PHYSICS Quantum Physics The photoelectric effect


The photoelectric effect is the observation that many metals emit electrons when light shines upon them. Electrons emitted in this manner can be called photoelectrons. The phenomenon is commonly studied in electronic physics, as well as in fields of chemistry, such as quantum chemistry or electrochemistry.

Sample Learning Goals

  1. (a) show an appreciation of the particulate nature of electromagnetic radiation
  2. (b) recall and use the equation E = hf
  3. (c) show an understanding that the photoelectric effect provides evidence for the particulate nature of electromagnetic radiation while phenomena such as interference and diffraction provide evidence for the wave nature
  4. (d) recall the significance of threshold frequency
  5. (e) recall and use the equation 0.5 mvmax 2 = eVs , where Vs is the stopping potential
  6. (f) explain photoelectric phenomena in terms of photon energy and work function energy
  7. (g) explain why the stopping potential is independent of intensity whereas the photoelectric current is proportional to intensity at constant frequency (h) recall, use and explain the significance of the equation hf = Φ + 2 1 mvmax 2


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Fu-Kwun Hwang; lookang; tina; Flix J. Garca Clemente

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  3. Blogpost by Loo Kang Wee
  4. ejs_users-ntnu-fkh-photoelectriceffect.jar mirror copy 
  5. by Fu-Kwun Hwang


Other resources


I would love to emded video tutorials made using my OSP simulation! let me know :)

  1.  Photoelectric Basics bFrank McCulley
  2.  Photoelectric Effect Demonstration by National STEM Centre
  3.  A Level Physics - The Photoelectric Effect by A Level Physics Online


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