How to translate any Open Source Physics to your language


As mention in earlier post, anyone can translate any Open Source Physics simulation to your language. These are the steps to do that.

  1. Download EJSS Easy JavsScript Simulation authoring toolkit from here. i recommend the latest versionh // the zip file into your computer. 
  2. Unzip the file using any unzipping software like winrar or winzip into the default folder location.
  3. Navigate to the folder expanded, double click to launch EjsS_5.3 EjsConsole.jar file
  4. EJSS will launch with a EJSS console and EJSS editor 
  5. Select Basic Options on the EJS console and select the Programming language as "Javascript", as you would want to translate those HTML5 simulations.
  6. Click on the(fourth icon on the right panel) "Read from EJSS Digital Library" icon, in the pop up select the "EJSS models at Singapore" Digital Library
  7. For example, you are interested to translate my Micrometer Model, it can be browse and found at 01_measurement Micrometer02 file. Click download or double click it to tell EJSS to read the source codes there.
  8. For beginners, just accept the default work-space and save the downloaded source codes into the work-space area. For experts, you may want to organise your files in source/users/sgeducation/lookang as default or other folders and names you want.
  9. Agree to everything like replace duplicate files
  10. At this point, you should have the source files loaded in EJSS authoring tool, ready for translation!
  11. Click the translation icon (right bottom top 4th icon) and a panel will appear showing the texts strings for translation.
  12. How to find your language code, visit and find your language, say if you are interested in Indonesia , the code is id. for Spainish is es.
  13. key in the language field and change it to id 
  14. and press Enter on the keyboard to register the input 
  15. assuming you want to type in by yourself based on your language skills as a translator, for demo proposes i will use google translate 
  16. copy the text say "answer?=" 
  17. select English in the left panel, Translated to language as "Indonesia" for example 
  18. and paste in translate 
  19. and the translated string back to the EJSS 
  20. Success! you have just successfully translated the first English string, repeat steps 15 to 19 for the rest of the strings.
  21. click on the Ok to accept all changes made in the translation 
  22. save the file to make sure the work is saved 
  23. To test whether yo did the translation correctly, right click on bottom 3rd bottom icon and select simulation package current simulation only 
  24. save the file in the default name, it will be in the folder export 
  25. navigate to the export file, 
  26. expand it  
  27. find the folder 
  28. look for the Micrometer02_Simulation_id.xhtml file and run it 
  29. package also the source codes and send it to me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and i will upload and share with the world your translation work!
  30. found in the export folder
  31. now, you or anyone should be able to translate any Open Source Physics simulation using the method above. Enjoy and remember to email me the  ejss_src_

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