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Author: Ning video, Loo Kang model
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Ping Pong Ball Rebounce Model
Model building Process

Select Dynamic Model Cartesian, propose inital model say Fy = -mg
add parameter g = 9.81 since assume m =1 by default
determine vy when t=0, which is found via analysis to be vy = -0.6
Fy = -mg-kvy where kvy is drag force
fine tune value of k until match data k is found to be k = 1.11
this completes the fall under drag model 
to add the rebounce force
propose computational thinking, if (t< thitground , true, false )
nestted if statements to achieve answer
can you get the same model?, need to assume contact time of 0.02
the model suggests contact force is 390 N for a mass of ping pong m=1kg 
if ping pong mass is measured, just key in to find the contact force.

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