Open Educational Resource @ Singapore OER@SG and Open Source Physics @ Singapore OSP@SG are experimentation and innovation efforts aim at nurturing a culture of innovation and reflective practice across schools under Translational Research, Innovation and Scaling (TRIS) in MasterPlan 4 in Education Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Teachers engage in professional discourse (through discussions on each OER article, OSP@SG Whatsapp chatgroup etc ), to learn, reflect and explore together, deepen their practice and improve their craft.

Through technology scans and translational research, successful evidence-based practices (seeOSP@SG research page)  will identified, catalogued as articles and practices that can be serve to inform and scale up to other schools in the system.

The strategies to support, drive and encourage experimentation and innovation in schools are to:

  1. Scan for educational technology-related issues, promising applications and themes (see OER@SG Interactive Resource pages) of relevance to Singapore education system to inform stakeholders through open communcations.
  2. Translate research findings into classroom practices, lesson resources and learning design principles via  rapid prototyping (see OSP@SG  physics simulations)
  3. Spread successful practices developed through the innovation projects (http://edulab.moe.edu.sg/edulab-programmes/existing-projects), by making them available for all  schools to adopt and adapt (thus harnessing OER is one way to achieve this).

For Students

Primary 4 to Pre-University 2

For Teachers


List of Topics include:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Science
  • Mother Tongue Languages - Chinese
  • Social and Emotional Learning - Cyberwellness 

many more will be added

Software Requirements

1) Easy JavaScript Simulation *.html files, mobile devices with a modern browser like Chrome, double click on the _Simulation.xhtml file

1b) Easy Java Simulation for *.jar files, computer with Java runtime , double click the downloaded jar file and it should launch.
2) Tracker for *.trz files, computer with Tracker installed
3) Geogebra mobile devices with a modern browser like Chrome runs off their servers so click and play

4) Energy2DJS mobile devices with a modern browser like Chrome runs off their servers so click and play

5) PhET mobile devices with a modern browser like Chrome runs off their servers so click and play

6) NetLogoWebmobile devices with a modern browser like Chrome  runs off their servers so click and play

7) Others basically are links out the the original host and content providers so click and play on their websites.


I usually customise them to benefit the world under creative commons attribution.

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PS21 ExCEL Awards Best Ideator 2012

Best Innovator

MOE Outstanding Innovator Award 2013

Distinguished Service

Distinguished Star Service Award PS21 2014


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