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Fu-Kwun Hwang; Tan Wei Chiong; lookang

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In physics, the Coriolis effect is a deflection of moving objects when they are viewed in a rotating reference frame. In a reference frame with clockwise rotation, the deflection is to the left of the motion of the object; in one with counter-clockwise rotation, the deflection is to the right.
The following simulation help you visualize the Coriolis effect in a 2D plane! has paper worksheets for students to rotate by hand and when used with a small marble as the projectile, may be able to illustrate the concept.
Another good hands-on idea is to get one student to rotate real paper with the globe the North Pole showing to turn the paper anti-clockwise, another student to plot using a pen a straight line across from equator to North pole, the pen mark will actually be bent due to the rotating paper. 
Try this! It is surprisingly good for students and they will have a better chance of getting what the Coriolis Effect is.



Video  The Coriolis Effect Explained by Atlas Pro   Coriolis Effect | National Geographic by National Geographic   The Coriolis Effect by What The Physics?!   coriolis effect (2-11) by samwsm1  What is global circulation? | Part Three | The Coriolis effect & winds by Met Office - Learn About Weather



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Southern Hemi Antarctica

North pole map

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