Thanks to David for his innovative idea!

Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) 
Chemical Bonding Simulation for all Singapore Schools Teaching & Learning 
Chemistry teachers face these challenges when teaching the topic of Covalent Bonding:
  1. Use of cumbersome models that require tedious preparation.
  2. Frontal teaching with models is teacher-centred rather than student-centred.
  3. Having students to practise on static pen-&-paper diagrams is uninspiring and often lead to learning difficulties and conceptual errors.

To address the issues, we have developed an interactive web-based computer simulation using JavaScript.

The benefits:
  1. The simulation is an effective teaching tool that replaces cumbersome physical models.
  2. Enables student-centred activities, so every student can have hands-on practice on its many examples.
  3. It has an e-pedagogical self-assessment feature that promotes independent learning through automatic feedback and scaffolds.
  4. It has game-based elements incorporated into its design to promote joy of learning and enhance students’ engagement.
  5. Can be embedded into learning portals such as SLS for Blended/e-Learning.


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