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ETDtogo: EdTech Takeaways | 2019-8 ETD to Go

Event:Teacher Work Attachment 2019 ( build simple HTML 5 interactive or games to be used in Student Learning Space, SLS)

Date: 29 Oct to 11 Nov (2 weeks)!

Time: 0800 to 1730

Mentor: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

for Who: looking for 3 teachers of any subject and teaching level

Topic: Any, 

Ideas: need ideas? look for inspiration here 


Skills:  The more comfortable you are with computers, the easier it will be to mentor you to actualize your good and simple idea.

Pre-TWA online activities: 

  1. (recommended)
  2. (optional)
  3. (optional)

Submission: is through the google form above  We will subsequently write to your Principal for approval if you are shortlisted.

Result: By the end of the 2 weeks, you should have at least 1 SLS lesson with your HTML 5 interactive, which you can share with in the community gallery with all teachers in SLS and assign to your students.



Question: I find the 10-day attachment a bit long. Can you give us a ‘crash course’? Maybe 5 days instead?

Answer: if selected for the programme, you can choose to go back to your work as long as you have completed the game that you have storyboarded. So can be any 5 days out of the 10 you work in ETD with me and the rest of the time go back to work at your office. 
Question: When will the results of the TWA be announced?
Answer: The information for the 3 selected storyboards and participants should be ready by 30 Sept as the TWA application is opened until 23 Sept.