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 EJSS Sim Editor How to add your own questions to the EJSS board game with auto-moves. Specifically the board game. How to add your own questions to the EJSS drag and drop game-tables for mass correct answering.

Digital lock tutorial by Zenia

If you're thinking of doing a digital escape room (or activity of similar nature), there is a lock-and-key simulation ready!
To customise your code, follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Download the file (search in SLS under add media > add from library >  location - community gallery > *to be up soon (hopefully) or goto the URL to the model is
  2. upload the file into 
  3. input your code (0 - 9) and click save.
  4. eg. code = 1 2 3 4, enter the following:
    • answer1 = 1
    • answer2 = 2
    • answer3 = 3
    • answer4 = 4
  5. Download the new file and upload into your SLS lesson as a media.

Voila! There you have it! Feel free to use this and share around. Appreciate any feedback as well 😊
Let your students have fun breaking out of your digital maze of fun!


  1. new web after 2023 Jan 


 Why use this ?

“My customizable simulation delivery system” is completely safe and secure using the user’s PC browser RAM (not uploaded to my server or any other unsecure methods) and store the initial values in the simulation and zipped back to the user’s hard disk. Is correct to notice that it is “equally secure “as  download from SLS on the interactive “method.



The added advantage of my “customizable simulation delivery system” is it

  1. More user-friendly as I have complete control over what to show and hide  
  2. Deconflict interactive view panel from customisable left hand panel (see above screenshot), so users have a simplify view of what to change without need to look at other parts of the simulation view panel
  3. Any EJSS interactive can be customizable using, so potentially thousands of interactive can be used by MOE with some slight code edits.
  4. This usage is free of additional \[ charge, only need to attribute the authors of the interactive. This potentially can be one of the things MOE do to mitigate the “high cost \]” if MOE does eventually ITQ these “storyboards-interactive“ to get them re-made by vendors.


You can look at this for more information with 3 YouTube explanations


end faq



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