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Conducting science experiments is not always easy – the equipment needed is often costly and complex, which means lack of experiments. To overcome this challenge, a team from CPPD and ETD decided to turn students’ smartphones into scientific data-loggers – enabling students to collect data, and investigate, just like a scientist. The team designed web page and accessories, which use the sensors in the phone, to conduct experiments. This idea to transform usage of mobile phones into scientific sensors especially the light diffraction web page app, is one of the best in the current education industry!


Teachers shared the need for experiments on certain science topics such as stationary wave, line spectrum, polarisation in waves and radioactivity. The equipment needed to observe these phenomena are costly and complex. As such, the team created web apps and 3D printed accessories to utilize the sensors in our smartphones to conduct these experiments. The solution is accurate and highly scalable since every student owns a smartphone, and can now engage in experiments without being constrained to laboratories.
The team developed apps for a sound analyser, light analyser, polarizer, radioactivity meter and their corresponding accessories. Video, worksheets and workshops were conducted to guide teachers on how to use them in class. These apps will be hosted in SLS with instructions on how to conduct the various experiments, allowing students to do smartphone experiments anytime, anywhere.
• First of its kind to utilize mobile phone inputs and web-app, transforming the phone into scientific sensors. This allows lab experiments to be easily brought to the classrooms and offer a much cheaper alternative to scientific instruments.
• Potential to scale this to other topics and beyond Singapore; team shared their solution at an international conference and were told it was a first in the education fraternity.
• Highly innovative solution that allows students greater interaction with scientific phenomenon at a very low cost.



  1. Light Spectrometer prototype: (Direct Link)  Need Chrome for all devices except iOS is not supported yet, Mac can but need to use Chrome.
  2. Sound Analyzer prototype:   (Direct Link) Need Safari on iOS, the rest of other devices can use Chrome
  3. bonus app Geiger Reader prototype:(Direct Link) Need Safari on iOS, the rest of other devices can use Chrome
  4. Polariser prototype:  (Direct Link






















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