eduLabAST Learning Journey For Dutch Principals

Date: 31 May 2013 (Friday) 
Time: 10.30 am to 11.10 am (40 min)
Target Audience: 15 Dutch Principals

prepared by ivy, thanks!

prepared by ivy

Aim: To share the role and objectives of eduLabAST as a Centre of ICT Innovation Possibilities for teachers to bring ideas to practice
My sharing:
10 min
Inquiry with Easy Java Simulations (Physics)
(With Hands-On)

To showcase one innovation from teachers-MOE collaboration to create customised computer models lesson packages to enable students to conduct scientific investigation-inquiry on collision carts, gravity physics, ripple tank, falling magnet through solenoid and waves computer models.

all simulations and worksheets 42Mb
or you can download them individually in the picture captions links
collision cart
author: lookang, paco and engrg1
worksheets by 
(lead) AJC:
(lead) RVHS:
falling magnet through coil simulation.
author: paco, lookang,and engrg1
worksheets by (lead) AJC:

version 8March 2013.
author: timberlake and lookang

worksheets by (lead) YJC: same link of four simulations

version 08 March 2013 added g1 g2 and phi1 and phi2 drawings as suggested by lawrence during 5th IPSG.

worksheets by (lead) YJC: same link of four simulations

version Jan 2013
picture of computer model of Earth and Moon gravity system
author: lookang and andrew based on andrew duffy early model

worksheets by (lead) YJC: same link of four simulations

version 08 March 2013 with reconnected html and zoom slider
author: lookang and paco

worksheets by (lead) YJC: same link of four simulations

Ripple Tank Model (Wee, Duffy, Aguirregabiria, & Hwang, 2012) with simplified physics equations modeled, realistic 2D and 3D (shown) visualizations, hints and scientific measurement tools for inquiry activities and data gathering for inquiry learning
worksheets by (lead) IJC:
added (1) autoscale x axis false, (2) -T/8 button (3) blue color for wave 2 for greater contrast on the projector screen thanks to joshua yeo.
author: wolfgang and lookang
worksheets by (lead) SRJC:

Projectile Motion (with/without air resistance)
author: lookang based on the works of paco
worksheet by
RVHS (lead):

version 26feb 2013 electric field lines drawn when Q1=-1C, Q2 = 2C
original authors: Fu-Kwun Hwang and lookang and szeyee
worksheet by:
AJC (lead):
  1. Harald Wiggers 
  2. Sjef Martens
  3. Jan Triepels
  4. Frans van der Knaap
  5. Rob Abbenhuis
  6. Nico van Tricht
  7. Jan Wiegers
  8. Mariëtta Rijnfrank
  9. Karin Lukassen
prepared by ivy
prepared by ivy