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Dieter Roess - WEH- Foundation; Tan Wei Chiong; Loo Kang Wee

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

This simulation provides a visualisation of first-order ordinary differential equations, available from a selection in the combo box provided. A total of 9 different types of equations can be selected and graphed on the plotting panel in the simulation.

The display of the plot can be toggled between Points (discrete points) and Trace (a continuous curve) in the combo box to the right of the formula box.

The initial starting point of y can be toggled with the slider labelled y0.

There are 2 plotting panels. The one on the left represents the graph of y against x, while the one on the right represents the graph of the derivative y' against y.

The available functions along with their associated differential equations are as follows:

- Exponential (y = e^x): y' = y

- Exponential Damping (y = e^(-x)): y' = -y

- Periodic: y' = ysin(x) 

- Oscillation Divergent: y' = y(x/5)sin(x)

- Oscillation Convergent: y' = (y/x)sin(x)

- Oscillation Quadratic: y' = ysin((x-10)^2)

- Sine Exponent: y' = y^sin(x)

- Constant Velocity: y' = 1

- Constant Acceleration: y' = x







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