Secondary 1 Learning Journey @ Gardens by the Bay

DMS Sec 2 Maths Learning Journey 2018 @ Sentosa

Sample Learning Goals

OBJECTIVES The Secondary 1 Mathematics Learning Journey 2018  DESCRIPTION
Be an explorer and embark on a journey to Gardens by the Bay to learn about how the human activities affect the climate, discover the different plant species and their adaptations for survival in the harsh climatic conditions and appreciate the use of Mathematics in the Gardens!
1) Appreciate the plants' adaptations for survival in the harsh climatic conditions
2) Explain the impact of human activities on climate change
3) Learn about the environmental sustainability practices at Gardens by the Bay
4) Apply Mathematics concepts to solve problems in a real-world context

OBJECTIVES The Secondary 2 Mathematics Learning Journey 2018 for Damai Secondary School aims to provide a platform for our students to: 1) Appreciate the use of mathematics in our daily lives 2) Collaborate and learn from one another within their groups to complete the tasks in each Learning Station

Students are required to:
1) CLICK on "3. The Learning Journey" to find their respective trails.
2) Complete their respective trails.
3) Submit their answers via Google Form in the Learning Stations

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Software Requirements


Google Apps Sites, Drive, Doc, Forms to create the learning journey website   New Google Sites for Beginners Tutorial - 2018 by Jeffrey Bradbury





Video   New Google Sites for Beginners Tutorial - 2018 by Jeffrey Bradbury


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