Useful ICT Tools for Teaching and Learning of Mathematics


  1. Geogebra
  2. Geometer Sketchpad
  3. Mathematics PlaySpace
  4. Desmo
  5. DuDaMath
  6. PhotoMath
  7. Microsoft Math Solver app that gives me free step-by-step instructions, graphs and more. Download it here:
  8. The free AI-Powered Learning solution for the 11-16 Maths curriculum  
  9.*+7&lk=3 wolframalpha
  10. wiris mathtype

Virtual Manipulatives

  1. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  2. eduplace
  3. Mathplayground
  4. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Illuminations
  5. Flash Apps  Number and Algebra Measurement and Geometry Statistics
  6. NRICH Enriching Mathematics
  7. Open Educational Resources
  8. Phet
  9. Transum

Other Curators

  1. Dr YEO Boon Wooi Joseph Mathematics Resources and Maths Online

Online Games 

  1. Mathplayground
  2. Coolmath4kids
  3. Arcademics
  4. Fuel the brain


  1. YouTube Eddie Woo
  2. TeacherTube