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Projectile Motion

Projectile motion refers to the motion of a projected object (e.g., a shot put, a javelin, a human body during pole-vaulting) acted on by forces of gravity.

For simplicity, air resistance is considered negligible in the following cases.

In sports, once the projected object is released or thrown in the air, control of the object is no longer possible. Therefore, it is important to consider the following factors that affect the flight path of the projectile prior to its release:

b. Angle of release

Angle of release refers to the angle at which the projectile is thrown with respect to the positive x axis or horizontal level to the right. The direction of projection with respect to the horizontal determines the shape of flight. A higher projection angle will result in a higher maximum height achieved by the projectile. When the relative projection height is zero, for the projectile to achieve a greater maximum distance, the projection angle should be close to 45 degrees.

Angle of Releasemaximum heightmaximum distanceflight time
0 0 m 0 m 0 s
15 0.68 m 10.19 m 0.75 s
30 2.55 m 17.66 m 1.44 s
45 5.10 m 20.39 m 2.04 s
60 7.65 m 17.66 m 2.50 s
75 9.51 m 10.19 m 2.78 s
90 10.19 m 0 m 2.88 s

More details can be explored on the simulation above

Possible Question 1. Estimate the angle of release of the football when the range is the greatest. 

acceptable answer is 45 degrees

Possible Question 2. Sam claimed that the angle of release of the football does not affected maximum time of flight of the football. Do you agree? Explain.

disagree. From the simulation, as the angle of release chnages from 0 to 90 degrees, the maximum time of flight also increases.

Possible Question 3. Use the tool above, suggest whether the maximum height increase/decease/constant, as the angle of release increases.

maximum height increases





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