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Fu-Kwun Hwang; lookang

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 iCTLT2016 ePosterGuide Example


Video  iCTLT2016 Sample of ePoster by  lookang lawrence wee





GIF Animation of vernier caliper


  1. added external, internal and depth measurements by Fu-Kwun Hwang and lookang
  2. by Fu-Kwun Hwang and lookang JavaScript version blogpost
  3. by Fu-Kwun Hwang and lookang Java version blogpost
  4. by Fu-Kwun Hwang and lookang OSP@SG digital library copy
  5. by Fu-Kwun Hwang and lookang first Open Source Physics catalog item
  6. by Fu-Kwun Hwang with different measure jaws options
  7. by Fu-Kwun Hwang and lookang remix Java version
  8. by Fu-Kwun Hwang with zero errors


Other Resources

  1. by Taha Mzoughi 

Developer notes


Simulation completed on 4 Nov:

1. Vernier Caliper

    - enlarged the dragme objects on the bottom scale (yellow) and bottom object (blue) to help make the dragging easier on smaller mobile screen

    - added "mm" on top scale

    - added checkAndroid for fullscreen

    - removed bug for initial tail values (yellow) when measuring depth. (so that yellow tail won't "pierce" through the pink container.

end faq

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