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This Simulation is designed to compare the similarity between the circuits at home and in a diagram.

Includes interaction with switches and powers.



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Fremont Teng

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Circuitry At Home JavaScript Simulation Applet HTML5


Instructions on how to use the JavaScript Simulation Applet


(Switch for Diagram View)


(Switch for World View)
Step 1: Choose a switch, let's say Switch A
Step 2: Click on Switch A, notice how the lights and switches in both view turn off at once
White Buttons represents the switch is opened,
while green (diagram)/ grey (world) represents a closed switch.
Note that the switches in both world and diagram views are interchangeable.

Power Button

(Power Button for Diagram View) [Power On]


(Power Button for World View) [Power On]
(Power Source for Diagram View - Yellow) [Power On]
Step 1: Click on either of the power buttons. Notice that both the buttons turns white.
(Power Button for Diagram View) [Power Off]


(Power Button for World View) [Power Off]
Step 2: Look at the Power Source in the Circuit View. It has now turned white.
(Power Source for Diagram View - White) [Power Off]
Step 3: Look at either views. Notice how the bulbs doesn't light up even with the switches closed.
(Diagram View)


(World View)
To enable the circuit to be powered again:
Simply click on the Power Button
Check if the button is green (Diagram)/ grey (World)

'Wires' Check Box

(Wire? Check Box - Toggles the visibility of the wires in World View)
Step 1: Look at the World View
Step 2: Toggle the Wire? Check Box off
Step 3: Look at the World View again. Notice how the wires in the World View disappeared.

Reset Button

Clicking on the Reset Button will reset the whole simulation back to Default State.






Other Resources


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