March Brown Bag (BB): Sharing on Educators as Designers of Simulations


  1. Session Information 


Title of Brown Bag (BB)

Date and Time:

27 March, 12.30 pm – 1.30 pm



Proposed flow:

Presentation: 45 min

Q&A: 15 min


To share the conceptualisation of interactive and suite of other resources developed using Easy JavaScript Simulation authoring toolkit (EJSS)
To share the value proposition of using EJSS for teaching and learning


Some of my thought process of using EJSS to create interactive
Development approach - Working with temp staff, ECDs and vendors, they have to use EJSS authoring toolkit to build their interactive, for sustainability and co-development  


Lawrence WEE Loo Kang
Lead Specialist, ETD-Technology for Learning Branch -
Attachment to Sciences Branch (2023)

  1. Suggested Toolkit: required Java Runtime, other EJSS toolkit versions will work as well with different fixes bugs and features
  2. Suggested Tutorial: has 272 steps on how to create a falling apple game, also can look through past teachers interactive/games for many different subjects
  3. Open Source Physics Singapore Digital for teachers to download and upload to SLS as interactive media Library
  4.  For example, 119 ejss were added on Community Gallery
  5. For example, 41 ejss were added on MOE library by CPDD officers who used ejss toolkit to make their own curriculum aligned interactive or take for the OSP@SG Digital Library
  6. for 2022 EJSS development with Data Analytics (knowing what students did on the simulations)
  7. some of my research interest for call for collaboration purposes 


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