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  • There is a small chance that when paused at the wrong moment, the energy dont add up to TE.




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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Francisco Esquembre; Felix J. Garcia Clemente; Boon Chien Yap (based on concept by); Siti; Coco

Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers


Initial Setup. This simulation will show the conservation of Energy in the basketball as it falls. On the left panel, It has a realistic view, while in the middle, shows how the energy, represented by energy cubes, behaves. The right panel is a histogram to show the ratio of energy.
As the ball reaches half of its maximum height, some of the Potential Energy will convert into Kinetic Energy as shown above.
When the ball reaches the ground.
User may enable self-exploration.
User is able to toggle the energy cubes to their understanding.




Falling Basketball HTML5 Applet Javascript Virtual Lab for Secondary School Physics



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