require_once JPATH_SITE.'/TTcustom/TT_contentparser.php';
\(parameters = array("topicname" => "math",
 "modelname" => "ejss_model_circleplusquestion01");

echo generateSimHTML(\)parameters, "EJSS");

Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Initial View. This is the default question. User may choose to use the Play Button or use the Forward/Back button to use this simulation. 
As the simulation is being played, the guiding shapes will appear one by one to guide the user's understanding of the question. In this case, the simulation is guiding the user to calculate the red semi-circle first.
Followed by calculating the Medium semi-circle.
Then the triangle. These three shapes build up the whole structure.
And referring to the question, a Big Semi circle will overlap these shapes. From here, the User is able to calculate the shaded area as indicated in the initial view.
Another useful feature is the small little box at the C corner which changes the position of C within the triangle and the small box at the B corner to change the length of the base.




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Circle Plus Question 01 HTML5 Applet Javascript



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