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Dieter Roess - WEH- Foundation; Tan Wei Chiong; Loo Kang Wee; Félix J. García Clemente

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Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

This simulation allows for graphical visualisation of a 3D sinusoidal function as a wave.

There are 15 predefined functions that can be inputted from the drop-down menu.

You can also adjust different parameters of the function to see how they affect the wave:

a: Amplitude

b: Frequency

c: Direction (only applicable to functions which allow for change in direction)

p: Simply adjusts the speed of the simulation.

In addition, the x-y plane can be toggled to more easily visualise the positive and negative parts of the wave.







  1. improved version with joseph chua's inputs
  2. original simulation by lookang

Other Resources



  1. Linear Wavefront by Tan Seng Kwang
  2. Circular Wavefront by Tan Seng Kwang

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