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Alfonso Urquía; Carla Martín; Tan Wei Chiong; Loo Kang Wee

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Lissajous curves are a family of parametric curves studied by the French physicist and mathematician Jules Antoine Lissajous (1822 - 1880).

Lissajous curves are the composition of two harmonic motions (sinusoids):
x = amplitude * cos ( frequency1 * time )
y = amplitude * cos ( frecuency2 * time + phase )

The shape of the curves is highly sensitive to the ratio frequency1/frequency2.
There are 3 curves A, B, and C in this simulation, which is vastly different from each other. The amplitude of the curve is set to 30, but both frequencies and the phase can be changed.

Do experiment with different values of the frequencies and the phase using the fields provided in the simulation, and see how the graph changes.






  2. by Alfonso Urquia and Carla Martin-Villalba

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