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This simulation is designed for students to understand the concept behind series circuits.

Interactions included:

-Full Screen (Double click)

-Blue Panel: Powering on the circuits with switches, Reset Button

-Grey Panel:  Mini drop-down box quiz



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Software Requirements


Android iOS Windows MacOS
with best with Chrome Chrome Chrome Chrome
support full-screen? Yes. Chrome/Opera No. Firefox/ Samsung Internet Not yet Yes Yes
cannot work on some mobile browser that don't understand JavaScript such as.....
cannot work on Internet Explorer 9 and below



Author name; Fremont Teng

Sample Learning Goals


For Teachers

Understanding Series Circuits JavaScript Simulation Applet HTML5

Instructions to using Simulation Applet

Switch Buttons

(Default position of switch)
(Default Circuit)

Step 1: Click on the switch button
When the arrow is parallel to the vertical line of the circuit,
it means that the circuit is now closed.

Step 2: Look back at the circuit
This will cause the circuit to be closed, and the bulb will light up.
A popup text will also appear.

Grey Panel Appearance

To continue to the grey panel sections, you have to power both circuits on.

Answering Grey Panel Questions

Predict the brightness of the bulb. The bulb with the label above is the indicated bulb.
Step 1: Select an answer from the combo box.
Selecting the wrong answer will not prompt you to the next question.
Selecting the right answer will close the switch and the popup text will appear.
The next question will appear on the right of the circuit.

Reset Button

Clicking on it will reset the simulation.






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